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A very interesting way to break down the culture in which we devalue ourselves and each other is to disrupt what it means to be pop culture relevant vs real power relevant & to posses material things

This is probably his best interview yet. They gave him some legitimate things to think about as far as how the message of his life comes off,  but If anyone can start a shift away from the pop culture mentality that was introduced after WWI, it’s this guy and I’ve been saying that since “Gold Digger.” It’s very cool to see him become more humble and develop these thoughts. 

It’s not just about the music and it never has been. 

Everything that’s controversial about him is because people keep missing the fact that since day one he’s one of those kids that dreamed and asked himself “why is the world today the way it is?” he was also that kid that worked hard and saw the difference that one life can make and decided he could make a difference. 

It’s funny to me how people don’t really listen. Everything he says in this interview about why he made Yeezus and the role it plays was so obvious but everyone is still confused. 

I told so many of my friends, he’s not going to make the next album easy on the ears because no one is listening to him (as a person). Art is not always about making something beautiful or easily digested. It’s simply a record of a human existence and a way to connect certain ideas. 

The fact that people see a pop star and think they are only good for ‘XY&Z” and if they ever do anything outside of that I’m no longer a fan, proves the scale to which we don’t see one another as people, but as products.

I think a very interesting way to break down the culture in which we devalue ourselves and each other is to disrupt what it means to be pop culture relevant vs real power relevant and to posses material things

-Nia Ain

Microsoft and AIESEC got together to find out what our generation thinks are the most pressing issues. I’m interested in seeing how we will approach improving education.

How can I be a part of the solution and not the problem?

Fresh Air


Simply put, taking school for granted is a slippery slope. 

This past week I was reminded of my love for life and that I’d lost carrying that love around this past semester. I had a plan to journal my classes and how they related to ‘the big picture,’ but, unforutnately I didn’t keep it up. 

In the early half of this week I went to an event on campus with a panel of people who have international careers, sharing their experiences and giving guidance to curious students. The excitement and adventure of travel, the humbling of networking with incredible individuals- this is was strike one. 

A day or so later I spontaneously decided to go to “Tech Tomorrow” a networking event for CIO’s and salesmen of startups in the central Ohio area. I saw some new gadgets and I learned more about the IT market here. I was dressed up, taking in exciting, yet foreign information and getting away from the everyday. It lit up my world- strike two. 

The next day, it’s now Thursday, I had brunch with a professor who also happens to be the Director of Peace Studies. - strike three.

His background is an adventure in itself and I can’t wait to be one of his pupils. One of the things he shared with my friends and I was student behavior in the different courses he teaches. (NOTE: he’s also been a professor at Oxford). He mentioned the difference in background that English students brought to his class than American ones. We got stuck on the topic of the students who show up and expect to pass for breathing versus the students actually in the room to learn.

I found myself drifting to an image of my young self who envisioned attending Oxford for university, pouring over books and chatting with professors, soaking up every second. Then I pictured myself in bed early the week before thinking “this nap is too good to make it across campus in less than 30 minutes.” 

Had I become that slacking student?!

I know it’s the end of the semester, and dragging across the finish line is almost an acceptable norm to joke about with my peers, but the idea of being classified as ‘one of those slackers’ didn’t occur to me until that moment. Especially because just before brunch I’d been speed walking with someone joking about how often I’d been rushing to class.

Fast forward to today: I’m nearly halfway through a book on French culture (a leisure read I’m borrowing from a friend as result of a spontaneous visit, just to say ‘hi’) when I decide to walk home. On my way home I stopped in the almost remodeled Sullivant Hall ( a gorgeous structure that will house the dance, cartoon library and arts). This visit, also spontaneous, (at nearly 10pm) led me on a one-woman-tour opening every unlocked door and gawking at whatever piece of art I could get close to. I let myself get lost in the wing that was open. I have no clue why the building wasn’t locked. I didn’t dare cross the “construction only” signs but I did spend many moments imagining opening night, greeting the audience in the foyer from second or third floor balcony overlooking the octagonal rotunda. I did remember why taking in the culture around every corner is important. I did remember why I want to be a great dancer. 

Somewhere between learning about French pays, Frenchrhetoric, smiling at every O-H-I-O on the way home, and being the single sole in that brand new beautiful building, I thought of that little girl who wanted to luxuriate in being a university student. 

It was hard to get here. It’s even harder to stay. It’ll be even harder to leave with all my ducks in a row. Opportunity and beauty are in my palm. It doesn’t matter if I were in Oxford or Ohio State taking from that incredible professor, his class would be the same.

The point is, you have to create your own environment, you have to find wonder in the familiar. I payed attention to detail and inspiration this week and what I’m getting out of it is so valuable. It’s so worth the effort.

Taking the time to read Vogue, adventure and business blogs, folding laundry (my least favorite chore), setting aside time to catch up with new and old friends, contacting all the people I know in D.C. because I’ll be visiting next weekend, taking my studies more seriously- all these things resulted from caring just a little bit more about the details of life and it feels really good. 

Maybe it all started last weekend at Cornell, but a maturity and confidence has risen inside Nia Ain. I’m not dragging myself across the finish line this semester. There’s too many opportunities that I’ve already let go. 

Art and Science aren’t different. They are a part of the same thing

Oh! Man Most High, Seek and Ye Shall Find


I have been asked my secrets


If ye seek, ye shall find

Whether meek or bold

Young or old

Thing is

Not fond of doing what I’m told

Inspired by bare trees in winter

Enamored with wisdom and wit

Exploration of the human idiosyncrasies

Won’t you oblige me for a bit?

Thrilled by subtle delights

Apologies if I come off trite.

Details under a microscope

They add up to you and me

To the variant ways we connect

Melodramatic versions we wish to be

We have one soul, and one goal

Yet our nature makes us feel it is not so



What is it we desire?

Who are we?

What is it?

Enchanting my like a lyre

Im intrigued

A curious cat

9 lives?

Havent died yet

But I have tasted the rainbow

And I’ve seen the dark side of the moon

Today I scan the place

resting my focus on you

not to be funny, but

because there is something new

Mine soul and thine

Speaking in rhythm, movement, tone and time

The message has yet left it’s sender



Wayward we are

Unbalanced we’ll be

'til we accept that in seeking desire

There is the proper pain

turning ember to fire

I see the wisdom,

The nature of our beings a new way

Though nothing is truly new under the sun

I ask you if I may

Sit and take notes

I’ve something to learn about life

And today you are my teacher.

Take me on a journey

The expedition, Your vantage point

It is this that I have come for 

That which I sheepishly adore

Though your grip be firm

Though my dermis be supple

I have not come

to delight in such perfect physiognomy

Nor your mass beneath or on top of me

I ask politely 

Disassemble the web of fantasy

Oh! what more but danger there?

Stay focused; don’t despair

You were made with purpose

You are a man worth sending there

To the land of legends

To the pages of irrefutable history

I’m collecting perspective

Sensual stolen moments aren’t for free

They can be a part of this

But only absolutely naturally

If you’ve come with no depth

No grasp on sense of self

I regret to to inform you

you’re missing the beauty of opportunity

and you may have poor health

Peer past my eyes

Forget the moments between my thighs

You want my secrets

Seek and ye shall find


U P D A T E I: I have decided to split Future Reflections into two media. Photography and Prose. The Photography installments have aren’t too much trouble to post at the moment of inspiration. The Prose, however takes much preparation, but the first will be shared April 10, 2013.